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Thursday, March 23, 2006

America the Clueless

(Alternate Title...WTF America?!?!)

Here's another dirty little secret. I watch American Idol. I have always turned up my nose at reality tv, not because I thought it was beneath me, but because it made me sincerely uncomfortable to see people at their worst; vulnerable, confused, angry, and embarassed. But my kids and my husband have been watching and, well, I got sucked in and now I'm hooked. I haven't really been invested in who wins or loses, because they all have their strengths and weaknesses, though I will confess to a strong liking for Mandisa. That woman can SANG, and the way she handled the fat comments from Simon demonstrated grace and class that is difficult to find these days. She managed to confound him and wrest a crumb of genuine contrition from him in the process, which earns her extra points from me.

But America...Bucky needs to GO.

I will admit to being stunned and outraged and completely puzzled when it was Kevin singing his swan song last night instead of Bucky. I have nothing against Bucky. He's likeable enough in an Aw Shucks kind of way. But he really has zero talent aside from parrotting Skynard, which any born and bred Southern boy worth his salt can do. I hate to validate Simon, but his characterization of karaoke was right on the money.

Kevin is raw and green and needs to find his identity as a performer, but he has some actual ability, and a smidge more versatility. And Kevin is one of a kind. He's self-effacing and humble, but confident and willing to take risks...even willing to make himself the butt of jokes if it means people will remember him. And they have. The Ford Commercial in which he sports the "Sex Machine" muscle shirt is a perfect example of that. I love a guy who can laugh at himself. I never thought he would go all the way, but his departure was premature. I will miss him.

Simon has predicted that it will come down to three people; Chris, Taylor, and Kellie. I hope this prediction is proven wrong, because I like to think that people with real talent can still make it in the media driven roller coaster ride that is pop culture today, and I do not like to see bimboesque posturing rewarded with fame. In fairness, I don't think Kellie is to blame for the way she is being perceived. I think the powers that be misinterpreted her appeal in their zeal to capitalize on it. People liked her not because she was stupid, but because she was unpretentious and genuine. That has been eclipsed by her dumb blonde schtick, and its a real shame. America grows weary of it, and I think it will hurt her in the end.

And let's face it, Chris is undeniably scrumptious to look at, but can you really imagine him yukking it up? His intensity is a boon and a curse, I think. It certainly makes him an arresting performer, and women would do just about anything to see those smoldering eyes burning with passion for them, But I don't think that kind of gravity tranlates well into everyday life. You gotta have a sense of humor to deal with the weird, the ridiculous and the unpredictable. I just can't see him handling boogers or poop very well, though I don't suppose he will have to now that he has become a household name.

Taylor, well, Taylor is Taylor. I like his passion for performing, I like his energy, I like his uniquness, and I like that he has remained true to who he is and what he does. But he has a niche, and I'm not sure he has the versatility to succeed outside his genre.

None of those Simon picked are lacking in talent, but I happen to think that the two most talented probably do not fit the standard of beauty and stardom that we have been force fed by the media. I am a pragmatist, and I understand that the winner will not necessarily be the person who most deserves to win, but the person who has captured the hearts of their audience and made themselves unforgettable. And yes, the pretty will prevail, be it male or female, which is the only reason Ace has made it as far as he has.

I genuinely wish all of them well. At this point, with the exception of Bucky, I don't think there is any among them who could not be a star. But I'm still bitter about Kevin.

As an cool is Barry Manilow?? I was a Fanilow. I admit it. I was probably eight, and I loved him the way only an 8 year old girl can love. But even then I didn't appreciate his genius or understand his gift for writing and arranging. I just liked singing Copacabana at the top of my lungs and God how I wished my name was Mandy. The man is a true artist, and seemed like an incredibly likeable guy. I can't wait to see what the theme for next week will be.

Don't hold it against me, okay?


  • At 1:29 PM, Blogger Liz said…

    Move over Paula, I do believe we've found a better judge - and someone who I firmly believe could kick Simon's butt without lifting a finger.

  • At 1:52 PM, Blogger Blog Antagonist said…

    Why thank you! I can't say I wouldn't love the chance to try.


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